LaFollette Excavating Inc is owned and operated by Larry, Brad and Eric LaFollette and have been in business since 1975 offering residential & commercial site-prep, septic system installation, underground utilities.


  • LaFollette Excavating performs mid-range commercial work, including site prep
    and Utility installation for operations approximately the size of Wal-Mart or smaller.


  • LaFollette can excavate ponds and lakes for recreational purposes, as well as residential work are also projects  Maintain and Installation and septic systems.


  • Site-prep, septic system installation, underground utilities are are all within the capabilities of LaFollette Excavating.


  • In the winter months LaFollette Excavating removes snow for business parking lots, shopping centers, and gated communities.



Member of the HBA of Greater SpringfieldBBB Rating – B+
LaFollette Excavating • Strafford, Missouri • 417.736.4155